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Sig Sauer P365 For Sale : Sig Sauer Arms Shop

The Sig Sauer® P365 SAS High Capacity Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol takes the Sig Anti Snag (SAS) concept to the next level and achieves a smoother more reliable draw and faster target acquisitions. The embedded FT Bullseye® front sight offers quick target acquisition, without worrying about snagging on clothing or holsters. Not only that, this flush-mounted, high-visibility fiber-Tritium night sight gathers light for easier target acquisitions in low-light situations. To top off the SAS treatment, the redesigned and completely flush slide catch and takedown levers ensure snag-free performance when it’s time to draw your handgun.

Perfect for concealed carry, its micro-compact handgun features a stainless steel frame and slide. The slide features a protective Nitron® finish, and the barrel is made of carbon steel. The Sig Sauer P365 SAS High Capacity Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol utilizes a striker-fired design with a clean-breaking trigger pull. Includes one 10-round flush magazine and one 10-round extended magazine.



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